About Us
Priyadarsini Cinema is the first A/C cinema Theatre in Palakkad, to entertain more people in the Palakkad .It was founded in 1973 with the name of “PRIYADARSINI” by executives with experience in film distribution . Priyadarsini is dedicated to using this experience to provide each film maker with the broadest possible audience and maximum exposure. Priyadarsini is very selective with the quality films. Now it has continued to be one of the premier cinema theatres in the state. Sequentially in 1975 “PRIYA” was opened and it was made an A/C Theatre in 1982 for quality distribution.

Keeping in mind with the scenario of multiplexes, ”PRIYADARSINI” was converted in 2005-06 to two theatres namely “PRIYADARSINI” and "PRIYATHAMA”. Both are A/C theatres with the best of Projection and Sound System.

Priyadarsini A/C Movie House

“Priyadarsini” also equipped with “QUBE” Digital projection with an accommodation of 653 seats, with 330 Balcony seats
Priya A/C Movie House

“Priya” is a comfortable A/C theatre with an accommodation of 977 seats, with 225 Balcony seats and now boasts the most modern technology of Digital Projection, from “QUBE” which is also the first time in Palakkad.
Priyatama A/C Movie House

“Priyatama” is designed in the modern multiplex tradition with an accommodation of 385 seats, with 334 upper class


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